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“Unlock the Power of Visual Storytelling: Master Website Design”

Web Designing:

Welcome to the world of web designing! This comprehensive course is designed to equip you with the essential skills and knowledge to create stunning and functional websites. Throughout the modules, you will embark on an exciting journey, diving into the foundations of web design and learning the latest industry techniques.

Running Time: 4 Months


4 Month course in web designing can cover a wide range of topics and skills, depending on the specific curriculum and focus of the program:

Module 1 :  Introduction to Web concept
–   What is the domain.
–   Explain How website work.
–   What is the hosting.
–   Static and dynamic website.

Module 2:  HTML (Hypertext Markup Language)
–   What is HTML.
–   Basic structure of an HTML document.
–   How to Create a Simple Web Page.
–   Markup Tags.
–   Heading-Paragraphs.
–   Line Breaks.
–   Adding Web Links and Images.
–   Creating Tables.
–   Forms and its element.

Module 3 : CSS (Cascading Style Sheets)
–   Introduction to CSS.
–   Type of CSS.
–   Introduction CSS syntax.
–   Internal CSS and external CSS.
–   Adding Styles and Classes to Your Web Pages.
–   Borders, Backgrounds, and Floating Divs.
–   Building Web Page Layouts with CSS.
–   CSS properties.
–   How to create responsive CSS layout.

Module 4 : Java Script
– Introduction to Java script.
– Form validation.
– How to use it?.


Module 5: Photoshop
–   Introduction to Adobe Photoshop.
–   Working with Images.
–   Resizing and Cropping Images.
–   Working with Basic Selections.
–   Layers.
–   Creating the group.
–   Painting in Photoshop.
–   Photo Retouching.
–   Colour Correction.
–   Using Masks And The Quick Mask Mode.
–   Working With The Pen Tool.
–   Creating Special Effects.
–   Printing And Exporting Your Work.
–   Creating Wireframe.
–   Creating design template.
–   Creating banners.

Module 6 : WordPress CMS
–   Introduction of WordPress CMS.
–   How to install WordPress CMS.
–   How to work with plugin.
–   How to work with widget.
–   How to Work with custom theme layout.
–   How to work with Premium theme.
–   How to create responsive page layout.

Module 7 : Figma (Design Tool)
–   How to create Components.
–   How to create Variants.
–   How to make design Auto Layout.
–   Introduction to Community.
–   Introduction to Plugin.
–   Introduction to Figma.
–   Introduction to Prototype.

Module 8 : Introduction to Sketch
–   Introduction to Sketch.
–   Design Foundations.
–   Creating User Interfaces (UI).
–   Prototyping and Interaction.
–   Collaborative Workflows.

Module 9 : Personality Development
Module 10 : Internship With Live Project

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